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Atomos Samurai Blade 5" Hi-Res SDI Monitor & Recorder w/ Case

Atomos Model # ATOMSMB001



  • 10-Bit HD Recorder / SSD or HDD Storage

  • Apple ProRes / Avid DNxHD via Firmware

  • 5" High-Res Touchscreen Monitor

  • FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 - On Master Dock

  • Looping BNC SDI Inputs

  • 12-Channel Embedded Audio

  • 2 Line In Audio Channels

  • Genlock / Timecode, Unit Synchronization

  • With 2 Batteries & Case
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    Atomos Samurai HD-SDI Hard Disk Recorder captures 10-bit HD resolution video directly from you HD camera and stores it to an internal 2.5" laptop drive. Images are captured using Apple's ProRes codec or Avid's DNxHD codec, which can be employed per a firmware download on Atomos's website. Along with capturing video, the Samurai supports 12 channels of embedded SDI audio and also has 2 channel line in inputs as well as a single headphone output. 

    A high resolution 5" on-board monitor provides you with an accurate representation of what the camera is seeing, eliminating the need to mount an extra monitor. Touch screen controls - presented with large icons on an uncluttered interface - give you easy access to record and playback functionality as well as to the system's menu. Some of the advantages the Samurai has over the Ninja unit are timecode, genlock, and the ability to synchronize multiple units.

    Samurai makes it easy to go from the capturing to the editing process. Once capturing is complete, simply remove the 2.5" SSD or HDD with its caddy from the recorder and place it in the included docking station which interfaces to the host PC via FireWire 800 or USB 3.0. A LANC connector lets you integrate the Samurai with cameras and devices that utilize the LANC communication protocol.

    Samurai comes with 2 batteries that securely attach to the unit, but uses only one at a time. This way if one battery runs out, Samurai continues to operate on the other battery. 

    For a list of compatible cameras, please visit Atomos.com/support, and click on Knowledge Base.

    Post Production Quality, 10-Bit Recording
    Samurai takes the uncompressed video output from your camera and, in hardware, encodes it in real-time to visually-lossless Apple ProRes, recognized across the industry as a class-leading codec for editing and post-production. Record direct from your camera's sensor electronics direct into super high quality Apple ProRes for the most streamlined, affordable Final Cut Pro workflow available today.
    A Pipeline to Your Timeline
    File-based production is all about efficient workflow, and Samurai takes the workflow to the camera - not the other way round. The Samurai's tight Apple ProRes integration means recorded footage is instantly and natively editable in Final Cut Pro. No need to waste time transcoding or converting from other camera formats. And remember - Apple ProRes is a better editing codec than long-GOP delivery or camera codecs like AVCHD or similar MPEG flavors. Samurai uses standard computer connections - FireWire 800 and USB 2 and 3 to give you total flexibility when connecting to your Mac or PC. Simply insert your Master Caddy into the Master Caddy Dock provided and you are editing instantly. You can also, of course, transfer the footage to your central SAN or LAN.
    Incredibly Low-Cost High-Capacity Storage
    Flash memory is fine for stills photography, but with High-Definition video, quality is compromised by the extreme compression needed to fit huge quantities of data onto tiny in-camera storage media. Professional storage media like SxS and P2 are simply too expensive to "use and forget", which means that you're never free to just work as you want to. Samurai liberates you from the financial and operational constraints of expensive Flash media by allowing you to use cheap, commodity storage available in any computer store: massive yet inexpensive traditional 2.5" Hard Disk Drives (Spinning Disks) for most projects and Flash- based SSDs for rough-and-tumble use. (Buying Flash memory in the form of SSDs is much cheaper than the equivalent memory size on in-camera flash memory cards). Using tried and tested storage guarantees performance and reliability. A 750GB/5400rpm drive holds up to 16 hours of high quality Apple ProRes footage and costs under $100.
    Recycle Older Cameras
    Samurai records direct from the HD-SDI output from your camera, so it doesn't care what format your camera is: whatever it receives through the HD-SDI connection it will record (with certain exceptions detailed on www.atomos.com). So if you've got an older camera with HD-SDI - just plug in a Samurai and bring it into the world of file-based production. You'll get better quality from your old camera than when it was new!
    Simple-to-use 5.0" Touchscreen
    Access all of the Samurai's operations via the fast, responsive touch interface. New features are easy to add with software upgrades. All the main functions are accessed through big, colorful icons. It's so simple, there's no need for complicated menus
    Continuous Power from Hot-Swappable Batteries
    Powering video devices on location is no longer a worry because the Samurai comes with 2 batteries, each capable of a minimum of 2.5 hours, and a combined maximum of up to 9 hours continuous operation when fully charged, depending on codec and screen use. Samurai has two battery compartments but only uses one at a time and switches to the second battery when the first is depleted. Simply swap batteries on the fly without stopping the production!
    Latching Batteries Safe and Secure
    Batteries are held in place on the outside of the Samurai. To ensure that they never come lose, Atomos has designed an ingenious latching system that holds batteries in place securely, but releases them instantly if you release the catch.
    Everything You Need
    Samurai works right out of the box - you can be using it within minutes! Samurai is supplied with everything (except storage media which is cheaper to source locally) in a tough professional carry-case. The Samurai, two Master Caddies ready to receive your storage media, a USB 2 + 3 + FireWire 800 docking station, two 2600mAH batteries and a smart battery charger, together with cables for connecting all of this together. There's no need for software drivers and no installation is necessary.
    OPERATING POWER Approx 6.8W (TFT max brightness, recording Apple ProRes HQ to Hitachi 7200 rpm 500G drive) / approx 3.3W (TFT max brightness, monitoring only)
    BATTERIES 2 x Small 7.4V 2600mAh - recording time

    5 hrs HQ; 7 hrs 422; 9 hrs LT

    2 x Medium 7.4V 5200mAh - recording time

    10 hrs HQ; 14 hrs 422; 18 hrs LT

    2 x Large 7.4V 7800mAh - recording time

    15 hrs HQ; 21 hrs 422; 27 hrs LT

    Recording time based on 1080i60 extreme detail video; better at lower rates or with typical video Compatible with up to 14.4V battery systems via adapter cable. Automatic and manual switchover of battery for continuous operation

    SCREEN Color 16:9 TFT Touch Screen
    SCREEN SIZE 5" / 12.7 cm (diagonal)
    RESOLUTION 800 x 480
    ASPECT RATIO 16:9 Native / 4:3 Letterbox (screen flipping enabled)
    VIDEO INPUT DI SMPTE 259/292/296 Mini BNC (with BNC Adaptor cables)
    INPUT FORMATS HD 1080i60, 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 1080p30, 1080p25, 1080p24, 1080p23.98, 720p60, 720p59.94, 720p50, SD 480i, 576i
    VIDEO PROCESSING 3:2 Pull-down removal. Double anti-shock buffer
    RECORDING TIME ProResHQ - 3 hours (HDD 300 GB), 5 hours (HDD 500 GB), 7.5 hours

    (HDD 750 GB), 77 min (SSD 128 GB), 2.5 hours (SSD 256 GB)

    ProRes422 - 4.5 hours (HDD 300 GB), 7.5 hours (HDD 500 GB), 11.5 hours

    (HDD 750 GB), 2 hours (SSD 128 GB), 4 hours (SSD 256 GB)

    ProResLT - 6.5 hours (HDD 300 GB), 11 hours (HDD 500 GB), 16.5 hours

    (HDD 750 GB), 3 hours (SSD 128 GB), 4.5 hours (SSD 256 GB)

    All video input formats supported
    AUDIO INPUT SDI up to 12 Channel Embedded
    Line In 2 Channel Line Level Audio. Analog gain adjustment
    AUDIO OUTPUT SDI up to 12 Channel Embedded + 0.5W Balanced Headphone for onboard review (select any pair of channels)
    LANC LANC In and Out Loop for integration with Camera LANC and Accessories
    LANC Loop feature
    DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 5.5 x 3.43 x 1.61" (140 x 87 x 41 mm) - without batteries


    STORAGE 2.5" SSD or HDD minimum 5400 rpm
    Standard 9.5 mm height or slimmer drive supported
    MASTER CADDY DOCK 2.5" SATA to Firewire 800, USB 2.0 / 3.0
    SUPPORTED COMPUTERS Mac - All MacBook, MacPro, iMac and MacPro Models
    Windows All USB2.0/3.0 compatible Notebooks, and Desktops
    Please Note:

    Apple ProRes Quicktime Application required to run Apple ProRes on Windows

    APPLICATIONS Final Cut Studio - All Apple ProRes supported versions Quicktime Mac and Windows
    DIMENSIONS 2.95 x 4.13 x 0.47" (75 x 105 x 12 mm)
  • Atomos Samurai Blade 5" Hi-Res SDI Monitor & Recorder
  • Universal Battery Charger 110-240V
  • Carry Case
  • 2 x HDD/SSD Master Disk Caddy with Screws for Fixing Disks
  • 2 x 2600 mAh Batteries
  • Docking Station (with Cables)
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 3-Year Warranty with Online Product Registration

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