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DJI Quad and Hexa rotor aircraft 12x4.2" propellers (black with yellow stripes)

DJI Model # CP.EP.000009



  • One Clockwise (CW) Rotation Prop

  • One Counterclockwise (CCW) Rotation Prop

  • 12 x 4.2" Rotor Size

  • For E600 3508 Size Motors

  • For Quad- and Hexa-Rotor Aircraft
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    The Self-Tightening Props for E600 Tuned Propulsion System from DJI in yellows strips are for use with the 3508 motors belonging to the E600 Tuned Propulsion System, which in turn is a drive system for quad- and hexa-rotor compact UAVs. The props are 12 x 4.2" in size, and come as a pairs. The prop with the black nut is for a clockwise (CW) rotation motor, while the prop with the silver nut is for a counterclockwise (CCW) rotation motor. It is crucial to install the correct prop on the correct motor to ensure the props do not come off in flight.

    Balanced dynamically for more stable flight and reduced "rolling shutter" artifact when recording video
    A low inertial design enables your flight controller to use a higher gain value for increased stability and maneuverability
    Dimensions Diameter x Thread Pitch: 12 x 4.2" / 31 x 11 cm
  • One Clockwise (CW) Rotation Prop
  • One Counterclockwise (CCW) Rotation Prop

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