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LCD4Video Universal Tablet / iPad Teleprompter Kit

LCD4Video Model # iPrompt-Tablet



  • Achieve a Professional Teleprompting Setup

  • For Mobile or Studio Use

  • Premium, HD Compatible 70/30 Teleprompter Glass

  • Perfect Balance of Reflectance and Pass-Through Without Any Distortion

  • Designed to Work With Most DSLR's and Mini to Mid-Size HD Cameras

  • Easy Camera Height Adjustment

  • Includes an Adjustable Tablet Mounting Bracket

  • Readable up to About 12 Feet

  • Professional Quality at Affordable Price

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    This teleprompter kit from LCD4Video is designed for studio or on location use. It features an adjustable tablet mounting bracket, and a teleprompter kit with professional beamsplitter glass. When filming anyone – actor or "real person" – who must deliver a long script straight to camera, it's hard to beat a teleprompter. The on-camera talent can read even a lengthy monologue from the teleprompter and appear as they aren't reading anything at all.

    Premium HD 70/30 Beamsplitter Glass

    Our glass teleprompter mirrors are the same mirrors used in high-end teleprompters costing $2,000 and more. They are high definition compatible, and have the highest optical quality on the market. One side is mirror coated, and the other has an anti-reflective coating. This allows your camera to have excellent picture quality, while still providing you with the reflection you need to see your text. The coatings are durable, and you can clean them with standard glass cleaner.

    Compatibility Any small to mid-size video camera, mirrorless and DSLR camera models.
    Viewing Distance Readable up to aprox. 12 feet
    Mirror Screen Size ~ 12" Diag. (9.25"x7.12")
    Dimensions Teleprompter Sled Length: 15"
    Weight (Without Tablet) 3 lb
  • LCD4Video Universal Tablet / iPad Teleprompter Kit
  • Teleprompter Sled and Frame
  • Premium HD 70/30 Teleprompter Mirror
  • Lens Hood
  • Camera Mounting Risers
  • Tablet Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware Kit
  • 90-Day Warranty
  • Software Not Included (Can Be Downloaded from iTunes, Google Play & Microsoft App Stores)
  • Tablet, Tripod, Quick Release Plate and Camera Not Included

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