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Manfrotto Sympla HDSLR Clamp-on Remote Control

Manfrotto Model # MVR911ECCN



  • Remotely Controls Focus/Camera Functions

  • For Canon DSLRs

  • Interfaces with Camera / Lens by USB

  • Clamps onto SYMPLA Spacer or 12-23mm Bar

  • Achieves Automated Follow-Focusing

  • Allows 1-Person Crew

  • Focus / Live View / Capture

  • Customizable Focus Direction / Speed

  • Focus Memory Settings

  • LED Indicators
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    The Manfrotto SYMPLA Clamp-On Remote Control for Canon DSLRs connects to a Canon DSLR by USB and interfaces directly with the camera and lens firmware to control focus operations and the main functions of the camera. The remote can either be clamped onto the SYMPLA spacer that comes with SYMPLA Adjustable Handles, which are part of most SYMPLA rigs, or it can be clamped onto round tubes, pipes, bars, pan bars or anything similar between 12 and 23mm in diameter.

    Direct controls include auto focus, start/stop recording, photo shutter release, live view and live view digital zoom. Other than direct controls, the remote features a customizable focus direction and speed limit, focus memory settings, and fixed or variable focus control modes. It also has LED indicators that display its own battery status, the camera's mode -- "Photo" or "Video" -- and whether the camera is "Recording" when in video mode.

    The focus operation is totally remote, without any contact with the camera or lens, and is performed by a 3-step, ultra-precise focus speed. Compatible cameras are Canon DSLRs because the remote is geared specifically for Canon DSLR firmware.

    The advantages of this remote are few but huge. Follow-focusing is automated. Lenses can easily be swapped. Extending the distance between the remote and the camera is as simple as using a longer USB cable. And very importantly -- you're afforded more self-reliance.

    Firmware Interface
    • Interfaces with Canon DSLR firmware by USB connection
    • Controls focus operations and the main functions of the camera
    • Clamps onto the SYMPLA spacer or onto 12-23mm diameter tubes/bars
    Controls and Customizations
    • Controls: auto focus, live view, recording start / stop, and image capture
    • Customizable focus direction / speed limit / control modes, focus memory settings
    • LEDs display the remote's battery status, and the camera's Photo / Video / Recording modes
    • 3-step, ultra-precise focus speed
    • Automated follow-focusing
    • Lenses can easily be swapped
    • You can run a 1-person operation
    • A longer USB cable extends distance
    CAMERA COMPATIBILITY Designed for Canon DSLR firmware and compatible with Canon's:
    EOS 5D Mark ii and Mark iii
    EOS 1D Mark iv
    EOS 7D
    EOS 60D
    EOS 600D / Rebel T3i / Kiss x5
    EOS 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss x4
    EOS 500D / Rebel T1i / Kiss x3
    INTERFACE Directly interfaces with camera firmware by USB
    CLAMP COMPATIBILITY Clamps onto SYMPLA spacers or onto tubes / bars 12 - 23 mm in diameter
    CONTROLS Auto focus, start/stop recording, photo shutter release, live view and live view digital zoom
    LED INDICATORS LED lights indicate the remote's battery status and the camera's Video / Photo / Recording modes
  • Manfrotto Sympla HDSLR Clamp-on Remote Control
  • 2-Year Warranty Against Defects in Workmanship (Plus 3 More Years per Product Registration)

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