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Westcott Apollo Orb Duo Kit

Westcott Model # 2349



  • 43" Apollo Orb Softbox

  • 28" Medium Apollo Softbox

  • 2x 8.0' Light Stands

  • 2x Adjustable Shoe Mount Brackets

  • Gear Bag

    You Pay: $349.90


    The Westcott 43" Apollo Orb Speedlite Kit is an ideal way to take studio quality lighting on the road with your optional studio strobe, speedlite or hot light. The kit contains a 43" Apollo Orb Softbox, a 28" Medium Apollo Softbox, two 8' light stands, two Adjustable Shoe Mount Brackets and a gear bag to store and transport it all.

    The Apollo Orb works without an adapter ring; simply opening like an umbrella. Place your flash inside, attach the included diffusion panel and you're ready to shoot. The Orb has a deep profile which evenly projects the light source for maximum output while creating round, natural catchlights in the eyes. For even more directional control and to prevent lens flare, you can recess the diffuser closer to the light than its standard position. The Orb can be used with flash or constant light sources up to 500W.

    The 28 x 28" Apollo is a softbox based on an umbrella frame and fabricated from fiberglass for added durability. It needs no speed ring to attach it to a flash head. Simply open it, and slide the shaft into the umbrella receptor on the flash head or the umbrella swivel supporting your speedlite. The 28" Apollo can be used with flash, fluorescent sources or hot lights up to 500W.

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  • 43" Apollo Orb
  • Apollo Softbox with Recessed Front (28 x 28")
  • 2 x Adjustable Shoe Mount Umbrella Bracket
  • 2 x Black 8' Light Stand
  • Gear Bag

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