B2B, Corporate & Government Sales

B2B, Corporate & Government Sales

We offer Expert Technical Advice, Competitive Pricing, Tax Exempt Status for qualifying buyers, Fast Quotes, Net Payment Terms, Pay with Purchase Orders and more.

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    We offer special pricing discounts and training programs for government, fire and law enforcement agencies.
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    We offer training courses to local government, fire and law enforcement agencies interested in learning and improving their photography skills. We offer a free basic training course in the basic principles and fundamentals of a digital camera, lens selection, use of electronic flash and macro-photography.

    We also offer advanced photography classes as it relates to the documentation and investigation of crime scene evidence. This course discusses traditional photography techniques in addition to the use of digital photography for law enforcement and instruction on photographic equipment, lighting techniques, alternate light source photography, and proper scale documentation.

    Servicing professional photographers, filmmakers, production studios, broadcast facilities, post houses, digital cinema studios, publishing companies, and more. Please Contact us for competitive pricing, quotes and bids.

    If you are a medium to large, regionally based or national organization, and spend more than $100,000 per year on equipment, your company may qualify for an open net terms corporate account.

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