Sensor Cleaning Service


If you have never had or thought about getting your camera sensor cleaned, there is a good chance that small debris is deteriorating your camera's images. Moisture, dust, dirt, and sand are the most common culprits. Sometimes the effects of debris on your CCD are more obvious than others.


PROCAM offers professional sensor cleaning on all DSLR & Mirrorless cameras, both APS-C size and full frame. We can normally do this service in 1-2 business days. Please contact us for current turn around time. We clean sensors by factory approved method under multi power magnification, and in almost all cases can provide a more intensive and safer cleaning than if you were to attempt it yourself.

If you're using an SLR camera, you'll eventually encounter spots due to a dirty camera sensor. If it hasn't happened yet, don't worry — it will. When it does, you'll need to know if what you're seeing is indeed from sensor dust, or is instead the result of a dirty viewfinder, mirror or lens. 

How to Spot Dust on Your DSLR Sensor

  • Set camera to manual focus and move focus to infinity.
  • Set shutter speed to 1/100th or 1/125th of a second.
  • Set aperture of lens to minimum (F22 is normally minimum on most lenses).
  • Take an exposure of solid white area or a bright light source.

After taking these steps, if you have debris on your camera sensor, it should show up on the test photo. If you do see debris, it is time for a sensor cleaning. Some people clean their own sensors, and if not done right, can actually make the sensor dirtier - and if not careful, you can cause damage to the camera sensor like scratching, or cleaning fluid can leak into the cameras electronics.

*Note: If you are aware of any sensor scratches or damage and still would like the cleaning service please be sure to note of such damage when placing your order. Otherwise if upon receipt and inspection of your camera we find your sensor is scratched or damaged in some way, we will return your camera without performing the cleaning service.