ProMaster BP-914 Battery for Canon
Model # PRO 6163
ProMaster BP-914 Battery for Canon | PROCAM

Product Features
  • Replaces Canon BP-914
  • Fits Canon: Optura, Ultura, Vistura, BP-911, BP-914, BP-915, BP-924, BP-927, BP-930, BP-941, BP-945, C2, C-V10Hi, E1, E2, ES300V, ES4000, ES410V, ES420V, ES50, ES5000, ES520, ES-520A, ES55, ES60, ES6000, ES65, ES6500V, ES-7000es, ES7000V, ES75, ES8000V, ES-8100H18, ES8100V, ES8200V, ES8400V, ES8600, FV1, G10, G1000, G10Hi, G1500, G15Hi, G2000, G20Hi, G30Hi, G35Hi, G45Hi, GL1, GL2, MV1, MV10, MV10i, MV200, MV200i, UC-V10, UC-V100, UC-V20, UC-V200, UC-V20Hi, UC-V300, UC-V30Hi, UC-X1Hi, UC-X2, UC-X2Hi, UC-X30Hi, UC-X40Hi, UC-X45Hi, UC-X50, UC-X50Hi, UC-X55Hi, V40, V400, V40Hi, V420, V500, V50Hi, V520, V60Hi, V65H, V65Hi, V72, V75Hi, XL1, XL1s, XL2, XM1, XM2, XV1, XV2 Camcorders
  • 7.2V
  • 1500mAh
  • 10.80 Watt Hours
  • Lithium Ion
  • High Quality
  • Long Lasting Power Source
  • For Digital Camera or Camcorder
  • $25.00 $139.95
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